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5 pitfalls to avoid when ordering glasses online with a prescription

All you need to know about how not to order glasses online . Learn from these mistakes so you can save yourself time and money in the process


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Prescription glasses online; Our competitive edge is that we can provide prescription lenses for very high prescriptions including those with a sphere value of between + 30.00 and - 50.00, including prism and cylinder values of above +/-4 Cyl. We sell some of the most advanced lenses in the world, including a full range of Bi Aspheric high index lenses including the 1.76 Bi Aspheric which is currently available in only 12 UK opticians. Prescription glasses online with GFL is not about cheap glasses, it is about bringing you the most advanced comprehensive range of lenses from one of the largest optical manufacturing labs in the UK. You benefit from the exact same varifocal lenses, high index lenses and transition lenses available to major high street optical chains, with all the same quality assurance processes and warranties, but at an affordable price. Previously, retailers of prescription glasses online were in the main unable to dispense to customers with a high index prescription, in which case they would have to visit high street opticians and pay their expensive prices. With us, customers can benefit not only from our vast choice of lens options and coatings, but also from our understanding of the manufacturing process achieved through 27 years in the optical manufacturing business. We have a comprehensive understanding of manufacturing lenses and how they fit to your designer frames, or the frames of your choice. We are also very proud of the fact we dispense some of the most advanced lenses in the world to our British and European customers.


We are confident that we supply the most advanced range of varifocal lenses currently available online. With brands such as Essilor Varilux varifocals, Zeiss varifocals, Rodenstock varifocals, Hoya varifocals, Nikon varifocals in addition to our own branded varifocals, we can literally save you hundreds of pounds on your varifocal lenses. We are able to fulfill all of our customers' prescription ranges as we have a comprehensive knowledge of the manufacturing of prescription lenses. When it comes to advance lenses we have an extensive choice of these, coupled with coatings and tints and are confident that our range is greater than any other online supplier. If you compare what we have to offer with our high street counterparts, you will find the exact same choice but at a far more affordable price. In simple terms, as we do not have to bear the costs of having a high street store, varifocal lenses and other similar products can be supplied at lower prices. The laboratory used leads the way in the UK with advanced technology and equipment that is truly state of the art. It manufacturers over 5000 prescription lenses every day and customers can be assured that attention to detail, precision and quality control is given as the lab is CE and ISO accredited. The quality control tests that are implemented are very strict so that only excellence is achieved, and this is backed up with a two year manufacturing warranty for all of our lenses.

Quality for Less

We would encourage any of our customers to view what the competition has to offer before agreeing to a purchase for the simple reason of being sure that what you are getting is the best value for money available. Compare and contrast prescription ranges and lens options with alternate online prescription glasses merchants, and whether you need varifocal lenses or something else we are confident that you will return to our site to place an order. In addition to having excellent products, we also offer an excellent service, which is evidenced by our try at home and express five day services. With regards the former, clients are able to choose up to four pairs of glasses to try at home for seven days for a nominal charge of just less than five pounds. Once you have decided upon which to go for, you can have prescription glasses delivered direct to your door in just five working days. As we are all different it is important to have an extensive range of designer eyeglass frames from which to choose from and we hope that you find our collection a refreshing alternative to others on the net.

Comparing Glasses made Easy

Another one of our amazing services is the virtual mirror. Presently, we have one of the most advanced around online exclusive to our website. It enables visitors to the site to virtually try on a pair of glasses from the comfort of their living room. What's very useful about this is that you can wear your current glasses whilst trying out the virtual ones, so you can see clearly what the selected new frames will look like. You can have five pictures of you wearing different prescription lenses frames all on the screen so that you can easily compare how you look with the different frames on. The first step is to upload your own photograph using a digital camera or webcam or use an image that we have available. Next, select a pair of frames using the search fields or click on the frames that were previously sent to the Virtual Mirror. You can then choose the colour frames and lens colour you require for your varifocal rimless glasses before taking a snapshot. If you are happy with your selection then you can place an order; alternatively try on another pair, take another snapshot and make a comparison.

Advanced Lenses

As our optical lab is the same one that services a leading high street optician, it makes sense for customers to do business directly with us as they are getting the same level of service but at a fraction of the cost. It seems strange that in recent years glasses have become akin to luxury purchases, when in fact they are necessities and thus should be available to everyone that needs them. Three viewing areas, that of distance, intermediate and reading are taken into account when it comes to designing varifocal lenses. This results in the power being gradually distributed across the lens from the top, for the distance area, down through the intermediate section, which is used when viewing objects in between distance and reading, and into the reading area, so that the transition of power is delivered smoothly and comfortably. This type of lens is today far more popular than bifocals as both visually and cosmetically they offer greater benefits. If you are looking for the ultimate varifocal lens of the highest quality then we offer this too with our 'bespoke varifocals', where the varifocal area is placed on the rear surface of the lens.

Excellent Offers and Services

If you have been lucky enough to track down the perfect pair of glasses but are in need of some new lenses, then we offer a comprehensive re-glaze service. All that we will charge for this service is the cost of the lenses and return postage. You can take advantage of the re-glazing service by first selecting the lens options, then simply print out a copy of the re-glazing order and send it to us with your existing pair of glasses. You can benefit from not having the pressure of a sales assistant pushing you into purchasing another new glasses frame! Instead you can buy prescription lenses online in the comfort of your own home in the knowledge that you can have access to the same high index or varifocal lenses as a high street optician, with all coatings, tints and transition lens options at very reduced prices. Ultimately, if you are looking for new prescription glasses online, then with us you will find an excellent choice and will be guaranteed quality products at affordable prices. So don't hesitate and make the most of our wonderful services.

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