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Varifocal Lenses from Glasses Frames and Lenses

With the advantage of Back Surface Technology, our Bespoke Varifocal is one of the most advanced varifocal design currently on the market. With its varifocal shape machined into the rear surface of the lens, you benefit from a wider field of vision, enhanced optical performance and visual acuity.

Glasses Frames and Lenses - a family business that caresBespoke back-surfaced varifocals from

By machining the varifocal shape into the rear surface of the lens, a much wider viewing angle is achieved resulting in a wider field of vision. Here's an example to demonstrate: With your eye 3 inches away from a keyhole, you will only see a limited amount on the other side of the door. However, if you push your eye up as close as possible to the keyhole you can see much more than you could previously. This in essence is the main design principle of the  Bespoke Varifocal lens. In addition to this, the freeform design provides for a more even distribution of power across the entire lens reducing peripheral distortion and enhancing optical performance.

In addition to our Bespoke Varifocal lens, we also offer our Standard Varifocal lenses £59 and Premium Varifocal lenses £89.  For further details on these see our guide to different lens types

If you wish to have 'branded' lenses we can also provide:

Varilux (Essilor) varifocal lenses, Zeiss varifocal lenses, Kodak varifocal lenses, Hoya varifocal lenses, Rodenstock varifocal lenses, Nikon varifocal lenses and Seko varifocal lenses.  All of these lens options come up at the bottom of the 'Choose your lens type page', or please click here to view current prices: Branded Varifocal Lens Prices

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