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  • Reglaze your glasses

    Reglaze your glasses

    Love your current glasses and just need new lenses? Our reglazing service is just what you need. Simply send your existing glasses/frames, we’ll reglaze them to your new prescription and send them back!


  • Lens Hub

    Lens Hub

    Looking for more information about the lenses and coating available for your prescription glasses? Not sure if you need varifocal or bifocal? Head to our Lens Hub and find everything you need.

    Lens Hub

  • Resource Centre

    Resource Centre

    Need advice on buying prescription glasses online? Or how to upload your prescription when ordering? Our resource centre is full of useful information to give you a helping hand.


Why we’re different
    The Latest

    Designer prescription glasses, frames and expertly crafted lenses

    With nearly three decades of experience, we’re proud to bring you the most comprehensive range of glasses, frames and lenses from our optical lab, which is one of the largest in the UK.

    The lenses we use to create your prescription glasses are just the same as you’d find in your high street opticians, but with more choice and the added bonus of our wealth of expertise. We provide the highest quality designer glasses/frames to our customers across the UK and EU, all with impeccable service and attention to detail.

    We can provide glasses and frames for even very high or complex prescriptions, such as between +30.00 and -50.00, including prism and cylinder values of above +/-4. We’ll often be able to provide your new glasses and frames for a more affordable price than other retailers too, thanks to our specialist knowledge of manufacturing complex prescription glasses.

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