Buy Chantelle and Chantelle Petite Designer Eyewear online at Glasses Frames & Lenses

Chantelle and Chantelle Petite glasses are designed specifically with the more mature customer in mind. These frames are sophisticated and subtle with small design details.

Chantelle frames are designed with extra depth to suit multifocal and high index prescription lenses, so thicker lenses will feel completely comfortable and natural. The Chantelle Petite range is designed specifically for those with a smaller face, framing the eyes without overwhelming them. Chantelle Petite guarantees a comfortable fit while still looking fashionable.

The Chantelle designs available on Glasses, Frames and Lenses range from simple metal styles and shapes through to frames with side detailing and feminine shades and colours. 

Get your new Chantelle frames quickly and safely by ordering through Glasses, Frames and Lenses. Simply fill in your prescription and select your lenses from our wide range of specialist lens brands and get your new frames delivered promptly and ready to wear.

Has your prescription changed? Keep your Chantelle frames and get your lenses changed quickly with our reglazing service.  

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