Tokai are undoubtedly optical leaders. Unlike every other manufacturer, they have pioneered their lens manufacturing process by utilising data obtained via a special neurological eye test that measures stress and discomfort of the brain when viewing through different varifocal progressive lens designs. In understanding the type of varifocal progressive designs that the brain is most comfortable viewing through, they developed a lens that provided unrivalled optimum image perception to the brain. By fusing this technology (used also in the Tokai Resonas Varifocal) with an aspheric front curve which highly improves the aesthetics and the optical performance of the lens, the most advanced progressive lens on the market with unequal aesthetic features and wearer comfort was developed - Resonas WS!  This lens is available in limited high end independent opticians in the UK, and Glasses Frames and Lenses are also an approved supplier to the UK  & European market. Do not be fooled if you have not heard of this brand - they are huge across Japan, Europe, and America, but are only just gaining their much deserved prestigious place in the UK market. Lens price from £295.00

  • Available in 1.76 material - the worlds thinnest lens, and tintable up to 85% ABS
  • Transitions VII available only on 1.76 material
  • Combined aspheric front curve and optimised toric design, create a lens with exceptionally little sway and aberration intrusion
  • Tokai's most distortion free progressive lens with the widest field of natural vision
  • Retinal image focus ensures sharp vision across the lens surface
  • Excellent for first time varifocal wearers or those who demand quick adaptation with sharpe vision in all areas.
  • Ideal for those who use computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones