Leading the world in the ultra high index category, Tokai's 1.76 lens is currently the thinnest plastic optical material available. By successfully combining its premium progressive lens and single vision designs in the pursuit of the thinnest and lightest lens possible, Tokai have moved this level of technology to new and undiscovered heights. For patients looking for the perfect combination of precision optics with the very best aesthetics, Tokai's 1.76 material is truly groundbreaking. 

1.76 Ultra High Index
  •    Available in single vision Bi-Aspherical lenses from £249.00
  •    Available with Resonas, Resonas Fit, WS & Resonas WS Varifocal's  
  •    UV400 filter built into the monomer
  •    Can be tinted up to 85% ABV (unlike 1.67 & 1.74 index materials)
  •    Transitions VII available with this product!!