Anna Sui

Explore Anna Sui's designer glasses form a hip, quirky and eye-catching range. Mixing both vintage and modern inspirations, Anna Sui's creative eyewear is perfect for trendsetters. 

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Anna Sui's vision for creative and colourful fashion designs has been translated into her range of glasses. Named a top fashion icon of the decade by Time Magazine, Anna Sui eyewear forms an inimitable mix of bold and feminine styles, mixing bright colours with nature-inspired touches such as floral and butterfly motifs. Rising to fame through New York's cultural underground of the 1980s, Anna Sui designs glasses that combine timeless Hollywood glamour with a dash of unapologetic kitsch, wit and sparkle. 

Celebrity fans of the range include Liv Tyler, Sofia Coppola, Blake Lively and Cher, and Anna's first collection in New York was supported by Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista. Explore our range of Anna Sui designer glasses frames, favoured by women who love to make a statement with their everyday eyewear.