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The Glasses, Frames & Lenses Guide to: Treatments and Coatings for Lenses

Lens treatments or coatings can add to the performance and appearance of your lenses. If you are purchasing a new pair of glasses, below is an outlined list of possible lens treatments and coatings you may wish to consider. UV400… Continue Reading →

The Glasses, Frames & Lenses Guide to Tinted and Photochromic Lenses

After an eye test, it may be suggested that you have a specialist lens coating which suits both your vision and your lifestyle. We run down the different kinds of photochromic lenses available to you, who needs them and why… Continue Reading →

How to Protect Your Eyes When You Spend a Lot of Time Around Screens

Your vision is important. Eye strain can cause serious damage to your eyes, alongside causing fatigue and a drop in productivity. As computers become a more prominent and essential part of many jobs, many of us suffer from eye strain… Continue Reading →

What are the benefits of having anti-reflective coating?

How does an anti-reflective coating work? An anti-reflective, (also known an as ‘AR’ or anti-glare coating) is an essential addition to your glasses. This coating reduces reflections on the front and back of the lenses of your glasses from 95… Continue Reading →

Adapting to Varifocal (Progressive) Lenses

With today’s up-to-date designs in varifocal (progressive) lenses, most first-time wearers notice very few problems at all; this is even more so with freeform back-surfaced varifocals (also known as ‘digital surfacing’). However, for others there can be a short adaption… Continue Reading →

New – Graduated Polarised Prescription Lenses

New Graduated Polarised Prescription Sun Lenses Introducing the brand new graduated polarised prescription sun lenses, available in Brown and Grey. Until recently only full polarised lenses were available to prescription sunglasses wearers, leaving only a graduated tint as a more… Continue Reading →

Hackett Sunglasses – Style for Today’s Gentleman

Hackett, in its quest to style today’s gentleman from head to toe, presents an eyewear line, consisting of the Hackett Collection and Hackett Bespoke, both featuring opthalmic frames and sunglasses. The Hackett Collection is a contemporary men’s line targeted to… Continue Reading →

Industrial Safety Prescription Glasses

Introducing our industrial safety prescription glasses range the On Guard Leader Collection Safety assured: All our safety prescription glasses are provided with side shields, are EN166F certified, CE marked and supplied with a certificate of confirmity, case and come with… Continue Reading →

Different Frames for Different Face Shapes

When choosing frames for our glasses, there are many things to consider before finding the right pair. We have to think about the shape and size of our face, the colour of our hair and eyes, and our skin tone…. Continue Reading →

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