Different Frames for Different Face Shapes

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Different Frames for Different Face Shapes
By Tina Mason 13 October 2010

When choosing frames for our glasses, there are many things to consider before finding the right pair. We have to think about the shape and size of our face, the colour of our hair and eyes, and our skin tone.

The basic face shapes are round, oval, heart shaped, oblong, and square. The frames we choose should contrast our features, so a round faced person should choose a rectangular frame which is not too deep, as deep frames will hide too much of a round face. Those with oval faces can carry off many different frame shapes, but should keep the width of the frame just wider than the widest part of the face. A heart shaped face is suited to both rounded and angular frames. However frames which are wider at the top should be avoided as the face can appear too top heavy. Long oblong shaped faces are flattered by deep, wider framed glasses rather than small or narrow ones as they break up, rather than emphasize the length of the face. Lastly square faces need softer, round frames to counteract the angular shape of the face. Those with square faces suit narrow frames as they elongate the face.

Our hair colour, skin tone and eye colour all determine whether our complexion is warm or cool.  A person with warm colouring has peachy yellow coloured skin, and hair with gold and bronze undertones. The colours for frames which suit one with a warm complexion are copper and gold, shades of orange such as peach and amber, deep turquoise or blue, cream, and bright red.  A person with cool colouring has pink and white skin tones and hair that is pale or very dark.  One with a cooler complexion should choose frames which are slate, pink, shades of deep purple, black, and green.