Graduated Polarised Prescription Lenses

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Graduated Polarised Prescription Lenses
By Tina Mason 6 March 2017

New Graduated Polarised Prescription Sun Lenses

Introducing the brand new graduated polarised prescription sun lenses, available in Brown and Grey.

Until recently only full polarised lenses were available to prescription sunglasses wearers, leaving only a graduated tint as a more fashionable option that did not protect the eyes to the same degree as a true polarised lens. Thanks to the new graduated polarised prescription sun lenses, now you can have both!


How do polarised lenses work?

Light waves from the sun travel in many directions but when this sunlight is reflected off a horizontal surface such as a flat road or water, this light becomes horizontally concentrated.  This creates an intensity of light that we experience as glare.  In addition to squinting and eyestrain, glare can cause temporary blindness which can be extremely dangerous whilst driving and makes it very uncomfortable for us to see.  Graduated polarised sun lenses offer the prefect optical solution by blocking out glare and haze, allowing only useful vertical light to enter the eye which in turn offers better focus and clarity of vision. And of course you can look even more gorgeous with the graduated effect ;-)


Key advantages of new graduated polarised prescription sun lenses

  • fashion conscious prescription sunglass wearers love the look of the graduated lens; finally this is an option for them too!
  • because the lenses are polarised and not tinted, the colour of the right and left lenses will ALWAYS match perfectly, regardless of prescription
  • you will experience more sharply focused vision due to the elimination of glare
  • drivers will no longer be affected by sudden glare from wet road surfaces, low winter sun, intense glare from the back of other vehicles
  • fishing - anglers will be able to 'see through water'
  • vision in bright sunlight is far less fatiguing
  • contours become clearer (useful for skiing or snowboarding) as 'hidden' bumps in the snow will be visible

Availability of colours for the new graduated polarised prescription sun lenses: Brown and Grey with two options for graduation:


Brown & Grey 85%-70% 0r 85%-50% ABS

GREY: Is considered to be the best all round colour because it enables the wearer to see 'natural' colours.  It is the best lens colour for bright light situations as it 'dims the lights' but does not interfere with the wearers perception of depth.

BROWN: This is also a great all purpose lens colour.  As the colour is warmer it enhances skin tones.  It also blocks undesirable blue light whilst colours like reds, yellows and greens are accentuated but not exaggerated.


Availability on lens options:

Only available on a 1.5 index material in single vision, or on our Bespoke Digital Varifocal and our ClearView Digital Varifocal.

So now you can have a gorgeous new fashionable look by going graduated polarised! Online or in-Store at Glasses Frames and Lenses.