Make-Up Tips for People Who Wear Glasses

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Make-Up Tips for People Who Wear Glasses
By Tina Mason 2 August 2018

Make-Up Problems for Glasses Wearers – & How to Solve Them!

Glasses and make-up can be a difficult mix – but it can also be a match made in heaven.

If you have ever found black smudges on your lenses, or noticed your dark circles are looking a little darker because of the shadow of your frames, this post has plenty of little tips and tricks to make sure you look picture perfect with your favourite specs.

Not only that, but glasses can be incorporated into your routine where your frames can enhance your look.

We run down the issues specs wearers face when applying make-up – and how to solve them!


I have to squint when applying make-up without my glasses!


A magnifying mirror works wonders when applying make-up without your glasses. Using a set of travel brushes which have shorter handles will also allow you to apply make-up while close to the mirror and help with the precision of your application.

Top tip: If you are still unsure when applying your make-up without glasses, it is best to start with a light amount of product and build up from there – if you start heavy, there will be no going back!


My lenses get mascara smudges!

The trick here is to focus on making your lashes look thicker, rather than longer, so your lashes will not hit your lenses and leave smudges.

Curling your lashes using an eyelash curler will stop them from hitting the lenses of your glasses, alongside making sure your lashes look as long and lush as possible. Focus mascara application on the roots of your lashes, but not the tips.

Top tip: Your eyebrows frame your glasses, so make sure they are not neglected when you are building your look


My dark circles look huge!



Wearing glasses can increase the dark circle effect under your eyes, as they can magnify the darker, yellow pigmented skin. Using a brightening under eye concealer will help counteract that effect. Choose a tone which is a shade lighter than your foundation to keep your look balanced.

Top tip: Concealers with green or purple pigments help counteract the yellow or grey tones of tired under-eye skin


My foundation smears underneath my glasses!



Glasses can often rub and smear foundation around the nose and cheek areas. Adding a couple of steps into your routine will ensure your foundation will go nowhere.

First, focus on making sure your foundation layers are thin around your cheeks and the bridge of your nose by using a damp blending sponge around those areas. Finish your look with plenty of setting powder. This will ensure make-up will never come off on your glasses and you have an even look.

Applying setting powder will also help stop your glasses from falling down the bridge of the nose – which can be a nightmare for your make-up!

Top tip: Use a CC (colour-correcting) cream on the area where your nose pads lie. This will prevent any red spots from forming.


My eyes get lost behind my frames!



Sometimes it can be hard for glasses wearers to get their eyes to

‘pop’ from behind heavy frames. There are plenty of ways to tackle this with some clever eye make-up tips!

A key trick is to focus on eyeliner rather than eyeshadow – a thick line with a good wing will stand out from behind your glasses. The cat eye is a classic look for those who wear thick frames. If you wear light coloured or rimless frames, a softer line will keep the balance.

Coloured eyeliner is also great for people who wear glasses – try eyeliners with sparkly shades or unusual colours like dark blue or burgundy.

Top tip: When it comes to eyeshadow, heavy looks can look overwhelming when combined with bold glasses. There are still plenty of subtle, neutral eyeshadow shades out there. Go for a metallic rose gold shade for a style which is glamorous but not overwhelming.