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How to Protect Your Eyes When You Spend a Lot of Time Around Screens

Your vision is important. Eye strain can cause serious damage to your eyes, alongside causing fatigue and a drop in productivity. As computers become a more prominent and essential part of many jobs, many of us suffer from eye strain… Continue Reading →

Guide to Presbyopia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Presbyopia translates as “older eye,” also known as “short-arm syndrome”. Presbyopia is a normal part of the eye’s aging process which causes the loss of the eye’s ability to focus on close objects. The name presbyopia originates from the Greek… Continue Reading →

How to Protect and Treat your Eyes During Allergic Reactions

The arrival of Spring is always an exciting time. As the sun begins to shine, evenings become lighter and trees begin to blossom, a creeping downside becomes clear: pollen and allergies. If your eyes are feeling itchy and red, streaming… Continue Reading →

What are the benefits of having anti-reflective coating?

How does an anti-reflective coating work? An anti-reflective, (also known an as ‘AR’ or anti-glare coating) is an essential addition to your glasses. This coating reduces reflections on the front and back of the lenses of your glasses from 95… Continue Reading →

Adapting to Varifocal (Progressive) Lenses

With today’s up-to-date designs in varifocal (progressive) lenses, most first-time wearers notice very few problems at all; this is even more so with freeform back-surfaced varifocals (also known as ‘digital surfacing’). However, for others there can be a short adaption… Continue Reading →

New – Graduated Polarised Prescription Lenses

New Graduated Polarised Prescription Sun Lenses Introducing the brand new graduated polarised prescription sun lenses, available in Brown and Grey. Until recently only full polarised lenses were available to prescription sunglasses wearers, leaving only a graduated tint as a more… Continue Reading →

What to Consider When Choosing Glasses | Glasses Frames & Lenses

As we are generally recognised by our face, the glasses you choose say a lot about you and form an integral part of your everyday identity.   Do you want to appear sophisticated, Outgoing, Youthful or Conservative? There are many… Continue Reading →

Understanding Your Optical Prescription

Following the completion of your eye test, the optometrist will give you a copy of your prescription. This contains all the precise measurements that have been taken to correct your vision. What does it all mean? This is a guide… Continue Reading →

Pros & Cons of Rimless Glasses

Decide whether rimless glasses are the right choice for you and learn all about the pros and cons of rimless frames right here at Glasses Frames & Lenses.

10 Signs You Need Glasses

Think you may need glasses? Find out for sure and check out these ten different signs which could mean you need glasses. Find out more and visit GFL today!

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