Pros & Cons of Rimless Glasses

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Pros & Cons of Rimless Glasses
By Tina Mason 3 December 2014

Pros & Cons of Rimless Glasses


Rimless glasses have been around since the 1800’s. What originally came from a rimless monocle first designed by Austrian inventor J.F.Voigtlander , rimless frames have evolved into a much sturdier and fashionable style of glasses. Are rimless glasses suitable for you and your lifestyle? Let’s have a look at the pros and cons.


Pro: Less Noticeable

Some people are conscious of wearing glasses in fear of how they will look. With rimless glasses it is like you aren’t wearing glasses at all. Rimless glasses enable the wearer to correct their visual issues without having the obvious appearance of glasses.


Pro: No Lens Restrictions

There are no restrictions with lens size and shape when buying rimless glasses. Rimless glasses offer and endless choice of different lens shapes, from perfectly round to rectangle shapes. You have more control over customization of your rimless glasses compared to regular frame designs. As rimless glasses require slightly different lens materials to manufacture them, you will always receive thinner and lighter lenses even with higher prescriptions.


Con: No Frame Around Your Lens

As there is no frame around your lenses, rimless glasses are more prone to breaking. This means you will have to take extra care of your glasses, especially if you require varifocal lenses. If you take part in any activities that are more likely to damage your glasses such as sports, it would be better to select a different style of glasses and use your rimless specs for every-day wear.


Con: Can be More Expensive

High-quality rimless glasses are well crafted and can be quite expensive. Taking into consideration that the rimless design requires specific construction and higher-quality materials to guarantee quality and sturdiness, you may spend more than you would when buying regular frame designs.
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