Guide to Tinted and Photochromic Lenses

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Guide to Tinted and Photochromic Lenses
By Tina Mason 11 April 2018


After an eye test, it may be suggested that you have a specialist lens coating which suits both your vision and your lifestyle.
We run down the different kinds of photochromic lenses available to you, who needs them and why they may help your vision and comfort.


Coloured Tinted Lenses

A full range of fashion tints can be applied to most lenses to enhance their cosmetic appearance. Tint availability can be checked as part of your lens choice process and are available in several colours.
Alongside looking fashionable, certain shades of tinted lenses can help many with their vision, helping contrast perception and depth of vision.

Grey tints are a popular choice, as they are good for general use and can significantly reduce eye fatigue and glare.

If you are sensitive to blue light from computer screens, an amber tint will filter out blue light. Amber tints also increase visibility in low light conditions. This tint also provides a good contrast effect for green, making it good for golfing and other sports played in green spaces.

Brown tints can help those who are often affected by glare, and suit sunny or variable weather where sun can affect vision. A brown tint can enhance contrast and improve depth perception, and is a popular tint for glasses worn while driving.

Pink tints reduce blue light from glaring screens. They also create a ‘soothing’ effect which helps relax the eyes and raise a sense of visual depth. Pink and red tints reduce eye strain for good road visibility and an improvement on visual depth. Great for wearing while cycling.

A blue tint is a popular fashion choice, as it has a retro 80s look, alongside helping visibility in foggy or misty weather. Blue tinted lenses are popular in sports such as golf, fishing and skiing.


Transitions Photochromic Lenses

A lens material that automatically darkens in sunlight, acting as sunglasses, and clears once indoors. The ‘reaction’ to sunlight happens quickly, after around a minute of UV exposure. This coating reacts to UV rays, so stepping indoors means your glasses will fade to clear once you step indoors.

Light reactive Transitions lenses darken and reverse quickly. These advanced lenses work as both glasses and sunglasses are help reduce glare. These lenses also block all harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun. Exposure to UV rays can lead to cataracts in later life.

This material does not darken to full sunglasses tint and does not work behind a car windscreen, as many windscreens are fitted with a UV ray blocker.

Transitions are available in both bifocal and progressive (varifocal) lenses.

Adding an anti-reflective coating to photochromic lenses enhances their performance even further, eliminating distracting reflections and creating sharper vision in low-light conditions.


Transitions® XTRActive™

Transitions® XTRActive™ lenses are an advanced version of Transitions Photocromic lenses, adjusting to the full darkness of traditional sunglasses in bright sun. They adapt continuously to changing light, meaning your eyes will always feel comfortable.

Transitions XTRActive lenses react to visible light alongside UV rays, meaning they work behind a car windscreen and react even faster to bright sunlight than other Transitions lenses.


Transitions® Vantage™

Transitions Vantage lenses adapt to changing light in the same style as XTRActive lenses, but also polarise as they darken in reaction to light and UV rays, meaning that glare is also blocked, leading to improved clarity and colour no matter the light conditions.


Polarised Sun Lenses

Polarised lenses cut out glare by eliminating reflected light from water, snow, ice, wet roads, windscreens etc. by incorporating a special polarising filter which only allows useful light through, unlike conventional tinted sun lenses.
Available in green, grey and brown tints at Glasses, Frames & Lenses.


Graduated Polarised Lenses

Sunglasses lenses which are both graduated and polarised are available online ONLY on Glasses, Frames & Lenses.
These lenses are available in a range of colourations, from 80% down to 50%. They offer full UV protection for the eyes with the glamour and added cosmetic look of a graduated tinted lens.

Available in brown and grey tints at Glasses, Frames & Lenses.


Drivewear Driving Lenses

Drivewear lenses are designed specifically for the motorist, combining the features of Polarising and Photochromic lenses, with the added benefit of working both outside and behind the windscreen of a car. These glasses will adapt to any conditions which may make driving difficult, from bright sunlight accompanied by intense blinding glare, to overcast inclement conditions.