What to Consider When Choosing Glasses

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What to Consider When Choosing Glasses
By Tina Mason 18 March 2015

Do you want to appear sophisticated, Outgoing, Youthful or Conservative? There are many different styles of glasses available to help shape how you want be perceived. This article will help you choose the right style of glasses for your appearance.


Your lifestyle

Your glasses help you to see. They also help people to see you and your personality or the image you want them to see.


The most important aspect of choosing glasses is your lifestyle. There are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What do you want from your glasses?
  • What line of work are you in? – Are you a fast paced business person? – Are you retired?
  • What activities do you take part in? – Are you creative, artist or a writer? – Are you outdoorsy?


We could use the analogy of shoes, would you wear the same pair of shoes that you wear to go for a cocktail on the weekend as you would to go to the gym? Would you go from the beach in your flip-flops to the office that you work in? – The point of this analogy is to highlight the benefit of more than one pair of glasses and more importantly, more than one style of glasses.


Glasses for business wear:

Trust and confidence is an integral part of business. To maintain a high level of trust and confidence there are glasses to help. Try choosing frames with conservative shapes and colours, below are some considerations when choosing the right frames for business wear:Glasses for Business Wear

  • Classic shapes, ovals and rectangles
  • Black, brown, grey, gunmetal
  • Avoid bright colours and unusual shapes
  • Titanium
  • Rimless



Glasses For Business Wear Rimless





Gunmetal, brown and black are recommended for men because they conservative to wear and go well with business suits. Brown, burgundy, black and tortoise are good selections for women.



Glasses for the creative and fashion conscious:

One of the best ways to showcase your creative and artistic flair is through the correct glasses. Today’s larger plastic frames along with bright colours and unusual shapes are amongst the favourites for creative crowd.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Larger shapes                                                                                          Glasses for Creative Fashion Conscious
  • Unusual colours such as greens, blues and purple.
  • Flowery patters
  • Multi-colours




Glasses For Creative Fashion Conscious 1





There is a growing trend for retro and vintage styling. With particular focus on 70’s and 80’s styles – This includes over-sized cat eye shapes and aviator style. The 60’s mod look is also out there for those looking for something different.


Glasses for the seniors:

Just because you have just received your pensioners bus pass doesn’t mean you have to wear worn out and dated glasses!

The key is to help yourself look younger; you can do this by choosing the correct style of glasses. Certain shapes and colours can help:

  • Gunmetal, deep browns, burgundy’s
  • Upswept rectangular plastics for men
  • Subtle cat-eye styles for women
  • Add some shine to your spectacles




Glasses for the active and outdoorsy:




Do you work Monday – Friday and live for the weekend to let your hair down and get outdoors. Maybe you are a keen cyclist? Maybe you like running? Maybe you are a keen kyaker?

Whatever activities you participate in, make sure you consider the following:

  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Performance
  • Sunglasses
  • Wrap around styles
  • Polarised lenses
  • Polycarbonate lenses


Lens material is of high importance when choosing sports glasses. Polycarbonate lenses are shatter-resistant, ideal for those that play sport such as squash. Polarised lenses are a must for anyone that does activities on or around the water as these lenses cut out the glare that is reflected back up off the water.


We have a wide range of rimless frames available at glasses frames and lenses. If you do need help, make sure you get in touch with the team, you can call us on 01400 282028 or you can contact us online.


With love,


Tina and the GF&L Team!