Who is Behind Gorgeous Booth & Bruce Glasses?

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Who is Behind Gorgeous Booth & Bruce Glasses?
By Tina Mason 5 February 2010

Peter Booth & Jeremy Setton both owned their own independent opticians in London and Brighton. In the 1990s, the two began producing their own designs for spectacles, wanting to create a range of frames which were fashionable and daring. When their designs began to fly off their own shelves, they got the idea of selling their designs to other stores, and Booth & Bruce England was born.

So successful were these designs that just 3 years later they were able to sell their shops and focused on the Booth & Bruce brand full time.

"The aim of Booth & Bruce England is to deliver a potent combination of freewheeling urban adventure, and urban design – giving British eyewear something not seen before”.

Explore our current Booth & Bruce glasses and see how they achieve that.

They combine shimmering colours with their own vivacity and seek in-your-face styles that are both hard to ignore, and even harder to forget.

Think ‘modern, stylish and funky’, with inspirations coming from all over Europe (minimal Scandinavian lines, metallic aviators inspired by German style) while still retaining its uniquely British identity.

If you want to look chic and funky in these ‘oooh so cool’ Booth & Bruce glasses, take a look at our collection; you will be pleasantly surprised.