We offer a full, in-house optical service under one roof which is managed by our team of experts. Check out our Mens Eyeglasses and Womens Eyeglasses to find your perfect pair of new frames.

For advice and guidance please check out our Lens Hub, Resource Centre, or contact the team, and we'll be more than happy to help.

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Our Eyeglasses

We sell some of the most advanced lenses in the world, including a full range of Bi Aspheric high index lenses including the 1.76 Bi Aspheric which is currently available in only 12 UK opticians.

We’re committed to bringing you the most advanced comprehensive range of eyeglasses, from one of the largest optical manufacturing labs in the UK, ran by our experienced team. You benefit from the exact same varifocal lenses, high index lenses and transition lenses available to major high street optical chains, with all the same quality assurance processes and warranties.

With us, customers can benefit not only from our vast choice of eyeglasses, lens options and coatings, but also from our understanding of the manufacturing process achieved through 27 years in the optical manufacturing business.