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Do you sell designer glasses?

Unlike other online prescription glasses retailers, we have deliberately launched our business without selling old season designer brand sunglasses.

Our aim is to grow our business and create our own branding by securing the highest quality prescription glasses and sunglasses available on the market. To date, we have not found a supplier for sunglasses that meets with our high standards. We would not wish to jeopardise our brand by selling sunglasses at this time, simply because other online prescription glasses retailers do.

Why can you charge such low prices?

By embracing technology we are able to provide high street quality prescription glasses without the cost of a high street location - it's that simple!

Can you tell me more about the different types of lenses and lens options that you provide?

Of course, please see our Different Lens Types under our 'Help' section for full information on our lens materials and options.

Do you offer a reglazing service?

Yes we do.  Please go to the detailed information about our reglazing services on the page 'Reglaze Glasses' where full details are provided. Please note, we won't add a hidden surcharge at the end of your order process for this service, or increase the price of our lenses simply because you did not purchase your glasses with us.  All we charge you for is the cost of your new lenses and your return postage!

How do I get a copy of my prescription?

All Opticians are legally obliged to provide you with a copy of your prescription. If they do not offer you a copy make sure you ask!

Can I order glasses on an old prescription?

Your prescription should be no older than 2 years old. You should have an eye test on a regular basis. Your Optician will advise you how often that needs to be. The interval may vary depending on your age and any health issues you may have.

Can you tell me what, if any, coatings I will receive on my new lenses?

All of our non-standard lenses come with hard coat included and Multi Anti-Reflective is available from as little as £5. The only other coating we offer is our Super Duper hydrophobic coating which is the newest type of anti reflective coating available on the market - not even all high street opticians offer this!  This coating is available at the cost of £10.00.

So why is the super-hydrophobic anti-reflective coating different?

Simply, it is applied to the front and rear surface of the lens to eliminate residual reflections on the lens surface that can prevent clarity of vision. Our hydrophobic coating combines all the free benefits of our normal anti-reflective coating, such as enhanced visual acuity and cosmetic appearance. However, the hydrophobic coating also provides enhanced scratch resistance, UV400 protection and additionally, prevents water, dirt, dust and greasy smudges from sticking to your lens surface, keeping them cleaner. The hydrophobic coating makes anti reflective lenses easy to clean; no more annoying smudge marks that you just can't get off! All this for just £10.00

What is my PD?

Your PD (Pupillary Distance) is the distance between your eyes, measured between the centre of your pupils.  This measurement is important if you have a high-strength prescription or require varifocals.  Most single vision lenses don't require this information as an average PD is used.

What is a Varifocal?

A varifocal is a type of lens, which contains prescriptions to correct distance, intermediate and near vision. It looks like a "normal" single vision lens as there are no lines or segments visible on the lens.

I'm not very good with computers, can I order over the telephone?

Of course you can. Call Liz or Tina and they will be happy to talk through any issues you may have and place your order for you.

Will I get confirmation of my order?

Yes you will. Once the transaction and payment have been completed you will get an automatic response to advise you that we have received the order.  If you require a reglaze you will get an e-mail when we receive your frames. You will also receive an e-mail when your completed order has been shipped.  If, for some reason, you do not receive an order confirmation please give us a call on 01400 282028 and we will confirm over the phone for you and re-send the e-mail for your records.

Can I use my Contact Lens prescription to order glasses?

Unfortunately not. A contact lens prescription is very different to a glasses prescription as they work in different ways. Please contact your Optician for an up to date glasses prescription before ordering.

What is 'Try at Home'?

This service allows you to choose up to 4 frames for you to try in the comfort of your own home. You can use this as many times as you like. The cost of this service is £4.95 per 4 frames.

About dispensing varifocals

How do I obtain my pupilary distance (PD) and heights?

We have successfully been dispensing varifocal lenses now for over 4 years with many repeat happy customers.  
There are two tried and very well tested methods that we use to achieve the information required to dispense your varifocal lenses:
1. You can ask your optician but they don't like to give the information out.
2. You could send us a spare pair of your varifocals and we can then put them through the focimeter to obtain your PDs and height settings. The prescription in them does not need to be current, it is simply the 'mapping' of the lenses that we are looking at; or
3. Failing that we have some software that can calculate the heights and PDs for us. All we require from you is a close up photograph where your pupils can clearly be seen, along with the dimensions of the glasses you are wearing. This is then uploaded into our software which will do a mathematical formula to obtain the correct heights and PD information. It's that simple!

What guarantees do I have with my varifocal lenses?

At we pride ourselves in dispensing all of our lenses to excellent standards with precision manufacturing. We have faith in our products and our abilities and therefore provide full non-tolerance guarantees against all of our varifocal lenses. If you cannot 'get on' with the design of the varifocal lenses you have chosen, we will re-manufacture your lenses in another varifocal lens design to suit your requirements at no additional cost to yourself. That's our promise!

It's my first time shopping online for my varifocal lenses. I'm nervous, what if I cannot see out of them?

We pride ourselves on being one of the most comprehensive online varifocal specialists. With a correct prescription, PD measurements and fitting heights information (all obtained before we manufacture your lenses) it is rare that anything can go wrong. If it does, please be assured that we will 100% correct it to your satisfaction. We are a business that intends to be around for many years to come and therefore retaining our customers business is critical in achieving that. We have the backing of one of the largest most technologically advanced labs in the UK with trained lab technicians who will manufacture your lenses with precision and care. Your lenses are also fully warrantied.


How do I order from

Simple! Just follow this easy guide to ordering your glasses.

What information do I need to order from

Ordering is very easy. All you need is a valid prescription that has been issued in the last two years. If you do not have a current prescription, please go for an eye test and ask your optician to write your pupilary distance (PD) on your prescription. Please then ensure that your optician gives you a copy of the prescription (this must be made available to you by law).

Please note that you are under no obligation to purchase your glasses from your optician.

If you already have a pair of glasses and would like a similar fit, you will also need the measurements from the inside arm of your current glasses. See our Finding the Best Fit guide for further help.

What happens if I make a mistake when ordering?

Please don't panic, but call or e-mail us as soon as you can. If we have not already manufactured your prescription lenses, then we can simply correct the mistake providing you send e-mail confirmation of the required correction. However, if we have already manufactured your prescription lenses, you may incur an additional charge for labour and materials already used in the lens manufacturing process.

Your Prescription

How often should I have a sight test?

It is recommended you have a sight test every 2 years, unless you have some health issues. You will be advised how often you need to be re-tested by your Optician. Remember it is not just a sight test it is a eye health check too!

What do the letters SPH, CYL and Axis mean on my prescription?

The Sph refers to the "spherical" portion of the prescription, which is the degree of short-sightedness or long-sightedness on your prescription. The Cyl refers to the "cylinder" or degree of astigmatism present, and can be a negative or a positive number. It measures in dioptres the degree of astigmatism. The bigger this number, the more astigmatism there is. The Axis is a number anywhere between 0 and 180 degrees. It reveals the direction of the astigmatism.

I have a high prescription can you still supply me with lenses?

We can supply lenses for prescriptions from -50 to +30.  This includes high Cylinder values and Prisms. The high lenses will incur surcharges.

Please could you explain my prescription to me?

Of course, please see our Guide to Understanding your Prescription.


How long will it take to receive my glasses?

Your order will be processed the same day that it is placed. Your frames will be physically taken to the lab the very next working day (this reduces risk of delay through use of any postage system). We will endeavour to return your glasses to you within 14 days of receipt of your order under the normal delivery option; if you have a particularly high prescription this may take longer but we would contact you to make you aware of this.  

Subject to your prescription, there is an express service that can guarantee your glasses will be returned to you within five working days of your order being received; all such orders should be placed by 5.00 p.m. If an order is placed over a weekend or bank holiday period, the first working day will be the Monday. If this option is available to you with your prescription, it will be offered to you when you finalise your order.

What are the postage and packing costs?

For standard delivery we charge £3.95.

For Royal Mail Special Delivery we charge £10.50. This service guarantees delivery of your order to you by 1:00pm on the next working day following dispatch from our lab. Note that orders take approx 7 days to go through our lab before dispatch.


What methods of payment are available?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard and Maestro.

We accept Paypal
We do not accept American Express.

Are your payment pages secure?

We value your security greatly and take great care to protect all information you provide us with, particularly card payment details.

All online transactions involving card payments are protected for your security using 128-bit SSL encryption. This is industry-standard technology that means your card details are scrambled before being sent over the internet.  Only our payment service can decipher the information, so it will be useless to anyone intercepting it.  You can check this by looking for the padlock icon in your internet browser when you are on the page that asks for your card details. In addition, check the address bar near the top of your screen begins with "https" rather than "http".

If you require any further information about our online security, please contact us here.

Do you accept NHS vouchers?

Unfortunately we do not currently accept NHS vouchers.

My payment has been declined, what should I do now?

Don't panic! Check you have put your details in correctly and then if your payment is still being declined contact your bank to make sure there is no problem with your card or account. If you are still experiencing problems please give one of our team a call on 01400 282028.

After-Sales & Returns

What if my frames need adjustment after I have ordered them?

The majority of optical stores will do an adjustment for a nominal fee. Once this has been done, please contact us if you are still having problems. 

Do you provide refunds for the cost of delivery?

Unfortunately the cost of delivery cannot be refunded.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a no-quibble refund if you are not satisfied with your order. Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details.

What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?

We are confident that you will be really happy with the quality of our glasses and the service you receive from us.

In the unlikely event that you are not happy, please return the glasses to us within 14 days of receipt, stating clearly what is wrong. We will return your payment or change the glasses, if you prefer, should there be a problem with the product we have supplied to you.

We offer a no-quibble money back guarantee on anything that is a fault of ourselves, our optical laboratory or our suppliers.

Please see our Terms & Conditions for full details.