1. The frame shape should compliment your face shape by contrasting and not mirroring it.
  2. The frame size should not be out of scale for your face i.e.not too large or too small.
  3. If you are lucky enough to have dazzling blue or green eyes, pick a dazzling blue or green pair of frames to add emphasis to this feature.

Face Shapes

Simply choose from the pictures and text below which face shape you are, and we will advise you on which frame shapes compliment you. Please remember, there are no hard and fast rules so please use this information as a guide only; there are those of us out there that like to steer away from the norm.....

Round: A face that has curvilinear lines with no angles, soft features and a rounded jaw line with equal width and length.

Consider frames that will make the face appear thinner and longer, such as rectangles or elongated ovals that are wider than they are deep.

Oval: Considered to be the 'ideal' shape as it is balanced in proportions.

Consider frames that are as wide, or wider than the broadest part of the face to keep the ovals natural balance, such as oval, rounded or square.

Oblong: Longer than it is wide with fairly strong angles.

Consider frames that will appear to make the face shorter and more balanced, such as wide frames that are 'tall' top-to-bottom. If you have a long nose, to break up length, try a low bridge that sits part-way down your nose.

Triangular (Base-Down): This face has a narrow forehead that widens at the cheek and chin areas.

Consider frames that add width and are heavily accented with detail and colour on the top half or cat-eye shapes.

Heart or Triangular (Base-Up): Wider in the top third than the bottom third.

Consider frames that are wider at the bottom, narrower at the top and are very delicate and light in colour. Rimless frames are perfect for this shape of face.

Diamond: The rarest of face shapes, faces are narrow at the eye and jaw line with cheekbones often high and dramatic.

Consider frames that have a distinctive or detailing brow line to highlight the eyes and bring out the cheekbones.  Alternatively try oval, cat-eye or rimless.

Square: With a strong jaw line and a broad forehead, square faces are generally equal in length and width but they are angular.

Consider frames that are narrow and have more width than depth such as ovals and soft rectangular shapes. This will make the face look longer and soften the angles.