Glasses for Diamond Faces

High cheekbones and a stunning silhouette from every angle, diamond face shapes will suit a wide range of glasses.

Emphasise your eyes and highlight your cheekbones and brows with glasses to suit your diamond face and its features.

When you’ve narrowed it down to a few pairs, you can always use our try at home service before you make a final decision.

Features of a diamond face shape

People with diamond-shaped faces are likely to have:

  • Higher cheeks and/or prominent cheekbones
  • A chin that tapers to a point
  • Forehead is a similar width to your cheeks

You may have a combination of a couple of different face shapes, or be one more strongly than the other. Read our other guides to face shapes, for more ideas for glasses to suit you individually.

Glasses to suit diamond face shapes

Luckily, having a diamond shaped face means you’ll be able to pull off a range of styles, and make them look high-fashion in the process.

Rectangular frames

With angular lines, rectangular frames are a must-have for people with diamond faces. They’ll draw attention to the top part of your face, and frame your eyes and brows.

These glasses by Ted Baker are a classic, retro style, in a timeless rectangular style that will suit diamond faces perfectly:

Ted Baker Evan TB8189

Ted Baker Evan TB8189 Frames

A slightly more contemporary style, these slimline metal frames by Joules are a sleek, refined version of a rectangular frame. Choose whichever colour best suits your personality:

Joules Claire JO1031

Joules Claire JO1031 Frames

Circular or rounded glasses

Whether you go for a slimline frame or a thicker, statement look, circular glasses are ideal for people with diamond face shapes, as they complement the already gorgeous lines and angles to the face.

Try this pair by London is a chic, classy style that will go with just about all outfit choices. People with diamond faces will suit these glasses, as the balanced edges and rounded framing will go perfectly with higher cheekbones:

London LN50035

William Morris London LN50035

From our very own range, this pair of glasses by GFL will look gorgeous with those with a diamond face. Select the blue pair for a quirky colour pop that will brighten up your everyday looks and draw attention to your eyes and brows:

GFL 349 Glasses Frames

GFL 349 Glasses Frames

Cat-eye glasses

For a highly flattering choice for people with high cheekbones, choose a quirky cat-eye style. Most of the styles we stock are a modern twist on a popular vintage classic, so you can still benefit from the flattering angles, whilst suiting your favourite everyday looks.

We stock a select range of cat-eye glasses, simply browse our cat-eye collection, and we're sure you'll find a style you love.

Best glasses styles to suit diamond faces

Which colours, textures and sizes will suit your diamond face shape? Try to go for glasses with the following characteristics:

Oversized glasses

Of course, getting the correct size to fit your individual face shape is key, but the shape of diamond faces lend themselves well for oversized styles.

In a larger fit, these frames come in an airy, rectangular shape. The frames themselves are a slimline, metal look, and will look stunning with diamond face shapes.

William Morris London LN50038

Complementary colours

Simply match your frames to your eye colour, for example, if you have brown eyes, tortoiseshell patterns will look fabulous, and if you have blue eyes, go for a dazzling blue to match, or find a contrasting shade of orange or amber.

This pair comes in a variety of extra-stylish yet subtle colour options, which will go perfectly with a range of different eye colours:

William Morris LN50058 Frames

William Morris London LN50058

Thicker frames

Thicker frames are not something every face shape will pull off, but those with diamond face shapes can effortlessly rock a chunkier style.

This pair by Jaegar is a chunkier frame in a darker colour, that will accentuate the features of people with diamond faces, and provide plenty of depth to the eye area:

Jaeger 312

Glasses to avoid with a diamond face

Diamond face shapes will look stunning with a wide range of glasses, and there isn’t really much you’ll need to avoid! Choose a pair that fits you well and complements your style and personality, and avoid these types:

    • Ill-fitting frames
    • Small styles of glasses
    • Square frames

If you’ve found the perfect glasses to suit your diamond face shape, simply get in touch with our team, and we’ll craft your prescription lenses to fit your new frames perfectly.

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