Glasses for Heart Shaped Face

Finding glasses for your heart-shaped face is simply a case of choosing frames which balance your natural features.

Luckily, those wanting glasses for heart-shaped faces can enjoy a wide range of styles, suiting retro and classic types of frames particularly well.

Firstly, it’s important to establish that you do have a heart-shaped face. Check out the features list below, and simply read through our other face shape guides to decide on which face shape best fits you.

Features of a heart-shaped face:

Heart-shaped faces have a narrower chin and tapered jawline, with features becoming wider all the way to the cheeks and forehead.

    • Your forehead or cheekbones are the widest part of your face
    • Your jawline is narrower
    • Your chin often tapers to a point
    • Full cheeks and/or forehead

Best glasses to suit heart-shaped faces

The best glasses to suit heart-shaped faces are stylish, classic and timeless styles. Curved angles and elegant edges mean that yours is a face shape that’ll perfectly suit a variety of different glasses.

We’ve listed our top picks for glasses to suit your heart-shaped face, including our own in-house range of frames.

Wayfarer glasses

This is a retro-inspired frame with a modern twist that, due to its softer angles, will suit heart face shapes perfectly.

With a slightly wider top and stylish detailing to the top of the frame, these Anna Sui glasses will add poise and balance to your face, drawing attention to your eyes:

Booth & Bruce Glasses for Heart Shape Face

Booth & Bruce 907 Frames


These glasses by William Morris are a high-fashion take on the Wayfarer style. With the addition of the top bar, exuding a timeless, aviator feel.

Ideal for heart-shaped faces, these glasses will provide balance and draw attention back to your eyes and brows:

William Morris Black Label BL026

William Morris Black Label BL026

Rectangular glasses

Narrow, rectangular glasses are just made to suit heart-shaped faces. The slight lift and detailing to the temples of the frames will elongate your face, bringing all the attention back to your eyes, and away from your forehead and cheeks:

Hackett Bespoke HEB145

Frames by Hackett come in a range of styles, many of which would be perfect for heart-shaped faces. Browse the range of Hackett glasses here, and we’re sure you’ll find something you love.

Semi-rimmed glasses

Semi-rimmed glasses are a great way to elongate your heart-shaped face, creating elegant proportions and a gorgeous highlight to your cheekbones and eye area.

If you have a particularly full forehead or cheekbones, this narrow style will ensure a perfect balance is achieved. Plus, it’s a highly affordable style by our own in-house range, GFL glasses:

GFL 20 Frames

GFL 20 Frames


With fuller cheeks and a tapered jawline, heart-shaped faces will suit these glasses by Ted Baker perfectly, available in a sleek, rectangular fit.

These are a designer twist on semi-rimless frames, and available in timeless, classic colours that’ll go perfectly as an everyday eyewear choice:

Ted Baker Knight TB4287


Rimless glasses

Exuding a high-quality feel, these Stepper glasses are fully rimless. Rimless glasses will suit a heart-shaped face perfectly, ensuring all the focus is aimed at highlighting your eyes and cheekbones:

 Stepper SI 3221

Stepper SI 3221

Best materials for glasses to suit heart-shaped faces

Slim metals

With a gorgeous, slim, metal structure, these Charles Stone glasses will suit heart-shaped faces perfectly. The top bar and sleek, aviator-style will lift your face and frame your eyes.

The unique purple or yellow tortoiseshell finish is ideal for heart-shaped faces, as the lighter colours will provide added depth and balance to your features:

Charles Stone NY30021

Charles Stone NY30021 Frames

Lighter coloured materials

Lighter colours will suit heart-shaped faces well, providing a highlight to the cheeks and eye area.

These glasses by Hackett are a great choice for heart-shaped faces, as they’re the perfect height to showcase the balanced proportions and soft features of your face:

Hackett Bespoke HEB146

Hackett Bespoke HEB146

Transparent or semi-transparent materials

Similarly, transparent or semi-transparent glasses frames are perfect for heart-shaped faces. They are a great way to showcase the naturally curved lines and features of your face.

These light brown Booth & Bruce glasses would suit all heart-shaped faces, with a softly angled design at the perfect depth to draw attention to your eyes and highlight your natural features:

Booth & Bruce 1403

Booth & Bruce 1403

Glasses to avoid with a heart face shape

Heart-shaped faces can sometimes be more angular than other face shapes. If this is the case with your particular features, simply avoid these types of glasses:

      • Heavy Angular Designs
      • Darker Colour
      • Thick Frames

Decided on your perfect pair of glasses to suit your heart-shaped face? Read through our lens options and glasses FAQs to complete your new eyeglasses.

Should you already have your favourite pair of frames selected, reglaze your glasses with our team to simply give your old glasses a new lease on life and update them to your current prescription.