Glasses for Oblong Faces

Oblong faces are one of the easiest face shapes to suit glasses, as the well-balanced features mean you can wear just about every style and make it look beautiful.

Simply use our try at home service when you’ve found a few pairs that you really like, so you can try them on before you make a final decision.

Features of an oblong face shape

Features of an oblong face include:

  • A rectangular overall shape
  • Jawline and forehead are similar in proportion
  • Slimmer face
  • Higher cheekbones

Sometimes, people with oblong faces can be very similar to an oval face shape, often with slightly more angular features. Read our oval face shapes guide for more ideas for glasses to suit your face individually.

Glasses to suit oblong face shapes

You can really find a pair of glasses to suit your personality and your style, as those with oblong faces will be able to pull off a wide range of styles, and make them look high-fashion in the process!

Aviator frames

A sleek, vintage style that not everyone can pull off, people with oblong faces will look stunning in a pair of aviator frames.

Try this pair of glasses by Charles Stone. The sleek, black frames will instantly upgrade your style, and the iconic top bar will bring all the attention to your eyes and cheekbones:

Charles Stone NY30020

Charles Stone NY30020 Frames

Another aviator style by Charles Stone, these frames are a high-fashion take on the classic aviator look. With the neutral colour palette, these frames will go with all your everyday looks, or simply save them for special occasions!

Charles Stone NY30019

Charles Stone NY30019 Frames

Rectangular frames

A classic style for many face shapes, rectangular styles will look particularly chic on people with oblong faces. The natural balance to your features will complement the angular frame style perfectly, making for a gorgeous everyday option.

This pair of glasses by Hackett bespoke are a slimline take on a classic wayfarer style, with bold lines that will work with your favourite outfits:

 Hackett Bespoke HEB141

Hackett Bespoke HEB141 Frames

Rounded frames

Rounded styles will look great on those with oblong faces, as the naturally balanced frame will highlight your cheekbones and frame your eyes.


A classic rounded style, these glasses by London are a gorgeous everyday option. They will suit people with an oblong face particularly well, thanks to the added detailing to the sides of the frames, which will draw attention to the eye area and cheekbones.

William Morris LN50035 Glasses Frames

Best glasses styles to suit oblong faces

Which colours, textures and sizes will suit you best with an oblong face? Choose your new glasses with one or more of the following features to add extra style to your looks.

Added detailing

With balanced features, glasses to suit oblong faces can be a little out-there, so choose styles which will emphasise your personality.

This pair of glasses by London has extra detailing, including an added top bar, and a strip to the sides of the frames, making them an eye-catching option for those who want a bit of a style upgrade with their new glasses.

William Morris LN50045

William Morris LN50045 Frames


A classic tortoiseshell or a cute floral? The options are endless, and people with oblong faces will suit a variety of interesting colour palettes and stylish patterns.

This pair by Hackett Bespoke comes in a select colour range, so you can choose a colour that’s little more out-there, or go for a classic tortoise shell look:

Hackett Bespoke HEB145

Hackett Bespoke HEB145 Frames

For a floral choice, check out our glasses by Joules. The whole range would be perfect for someone with an oblong face, and many of their styles come in pretty florals or bold, bright colours.

Smooth acetate or metal

Going for textures that are too out-there could mean attention is drawn away from your naturally balanced features. Avoid frames that are made of wood and more industrial metals – go for smooth materials for that ultimate chic, polished look.

These glasses by Booth & Bruce come in a slightly translucent acetate material, making them lightweight enough for everyday wear. The rounded style and truly unique shade of grey makes them a perfect option for those with oblong faces:

Booth & Bruce 1404 Frames

Booth & Bruce 1404 Frames

Glasses to avoid with an oblong face

Really, finding a frame to suit your oblong face is all about getting the right width and proportion for your face. You can only go wrong with ill-fitting styles. Simply steer clear of the following characteristics for glasses to suit your oblong face:

    • Ill-fitting frames
    • Small glasses
    • Oversized glasses

If you’ve found the perfect glasses to suit your oblong face shape, check out our lens options, including market-leading Tokai lenses, for the final step towards your next pair of glasses.

Feel free to contact us for any help you may need along the way, or browse our FAQ section for more information.