Glasses For Oval Faces

Finding glasses for an oval face is actually one of the easier face shapes to find a complementary style, due to your balanced features able to wear a range of frame styles.

People with an oval face can go for a variety of glasses shapes and pull them off effortlessly.

Try circular, classic, embellished or retro styles, and spend time finding colours, textures and fits that you love.

Remember, you can always use our try at home service before you decide on a final pair!

Features of an oval-shaped face

  • Well-balanced proportions
  • Forehead and jawline are a similar width
  • Narrower chin
  • Higher cheekbones
  • Softer or slightly rounder jawline

Once you have ascertained whether you do have an oval face, the exciting part begins – read on for our team’s recommendations of the best glasses for your oval face.

Best glasses for oval face shapes

Luckily, having an oval face means you’re well-equipped to pull off a variety of different styles of glasses. Our top picks include:

Circular frames

Offering contemporary style, yet with a traditional British twist, circular glasses would look great with oval faces, and go with a range of casual or smart outfit choices.

The full rimmed frame on these particular frames will not only look gorgeous, but it makes the glasses well-suited to a range of, even complex, prescription needs and lens types:

William Morris LN50001 Frames

William Morris LN50001 Frames

Aviator frames

For oval faces, aviator glasses will add a retro focal point to your everyday looks. Suitable for both men and women, aviator frames have a designer quality that feels completely unique.

These glasses by Stepper come in a studious grey or a chic gold – pick the colour to match your overall personality:

Stepper Essentials 201 Frames

This bold, high-fashion take on an aviator frame will add sculpture and depth to oval faces, and provide a daring accompaniment to your highest-calibre outfits

William Morris Black Label BL036 Frames

William Morris Black Label BL036

In fact, the range of frames by William Morris stocked by Glasses Frames & Lenses would be stunningly well-suited to those with oval face shapes. Check out the range and we’re sure you’ll find something you love!

Angular frames

If you’re looking for something that feels a bit more studious and refined, going for angular designs will be a great choice of glasses for oval face shapes.

Complete with strong lines across the frames, this pair by Joules also has eye-catching details and embellishments to the arms of the glasses, bringing depth and texture to your looks:

Joules Jess JO3029

Cats-eye frames

Choosing glasses for an oval face shape means you can pull off shapes that other face types may struggle with, including the chic cat-eye style

These frames by Booth & Bruce come in a subtly retro fit just made for people with oval faces. The uplifts to the arms are subtle and balanced, meaning the frame size will complement your already well-proportioned features:

 Booth & Bruce 1405 Frames

Booth & Bruce 1405

Try the light brown colour for a gorgeous neutral colour palette that’ll provide an ideal finishing touch to your casual outfits.

Best glasses materials to suit oval faces

Frames with details or embellishments

These frames by Matrix are not only a highly affordable option (meaning you’ve got more budget to spend on the highest quality lens options – check out our Tokai lenses) but they’re gorgeously embellished, with a variety of different colour choices:

Matrix 812 Frames

Matrix 812 Frames

Smooth, shiny materials

Oval face shapes generally have beautiful proportions. Go for modernistic materials such as smooth acetate and shiny metals, as they’ll complement the softly rounded features of those with oval faces.

These frames by Charles Stone come in a combination of defined acetate and slimline metallic rims to bring character and subtle retro style to oval faces:

Charles Stone NY30023 Frames

Charles Stone NY30023

Frames to avoid with oval face shapes

Try to avoid the following frames if you have an oval face:

  • Narrow Frames - these could make your oval face seem longer and narrower, as opposed to highlighting your naturally well-proportioned features
  • Oversized frames - don’t unbalance the natural proportions of your oval face!

If you’ve already found the perfect frames that you know suit your oval face, get your glasses reglazed with your new prescription at our well-established lab.

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