Glasses for Round Faces

Softer features and a proportionately balanced face means you can pick glasses to complement your fuller features and match your style at the same time.

With less angular features, your face will look perfect with bolder styles of frame, such as a timeless, rectangular frame, or a more modern oval shape.

Getting the right glasses for a round face shape can feel like a big decision, and the following guide will help you to choose the best glasses possible for your round face shape. Remember, you can always use our try at home service before you make a final decision.

First, make sure you do have a round face shape. Check out the features list below to make sure your features fit the description, or check out our other face shape guides.

Features of a person with a round face shape:

  • - Width & length of the face is proportionate
  • - Not angular
  • - Rounded chin
  • - Full cheeks
  • - Softer jawline

Best glasses for a person with a round face shape

The best glasses for someone with a round face is strong, angular frames, such as rectangular frames or cat-eye or oval shapes. Thicker frames and textured materials such as transparent or wooden frames will also look great.

We’ve got a lot of experience making glasses for people with a variety of different face shapes, and these are our best selection of frames for people with round faces.

Strong, angular frames

These strong frames are a perfect choice for those with a round face, who can pull off glasses with a more angular fit. Plus, these frames come in lots of different colour choices so you can tailor them exactly to your style preferences. Go for a bold red or keep it neutral with cooler, grey tones.

 Booth & Bruce P064 Glasses Frames

Booth & Bruce P064 Glasses Frames

Rectangular frames

These glasses by Joules come in a chunky, yet lightweight, fit which will look great for people with round races, providing a centrepiece to perfectly complement soft features.

Joules Cara J03031 Frames

Joules Cara jo3031 Frames

This clubmaster-style frame is also a great rectangular choice of glasses for round face shapes. With the duo colour tones to balance out similar proportions, and added nose pads, this style is suited to round face shapes with a slightly lower nose bridge.

Ted Baker Weaver TB4289 Glasses Frames

Ted Baker Weaver TB4289

Our range of Ted Baker glasses, in particular, has lots more angular styles to choose from, which are perfect for rounder faces for both women and men. Simply choose a pair that you love and we’re sure it’ll suit you perfectly!

Cat-eye or oval frames

These frames have a stunningly subtle cat-eye look, with soft angles going up to the edge where the frame meets the arms. These would be well-suited to people with soft jawlines and rounder cheeks, to balance out these features and elongate the face.


Ted Baker Gigi TB9146

Narrow frames

In keeping with the rectangular style that suits round faces so well, these frames in a narrow fit will look great with more circular faces. The slim proportions will look amazing with fuller cheeks and softer features, plus, choose from three different colours to accentuate your favourite outfit choices.

Matrix 808 Frames Red

Matrix 808

Best frame material for a person with a round face shape

Considering the type of material for your glasses is important for those with rounder faces, as providing structure and enhancing the elegance of the face is key.

Thicker-rimmed frames

In a chunky fit, these frames by Cameo are bang on-trend and will look great with rounder faces, providing a focal point for the face, and framing the eyes perfectly. In a deep, versatile black, these would be a great everyday option that wouldn’t look out of place for a smarter evening out.

Cameo Hurricane Glasses Frames

Cameo Hurricane

Transparent frames

In a stunning translucent material, these frames by Cameo are a great alternative to thicker rims, making them suited to those who prefer more neutral or paired-down styles. The material will highlight and complement softer angles, which is ideal for round faces.

Cameo Richard Glasses Frames

Cameo Richard

Wooden frames

Wooden frames are just meant for people with rounder face shapes, as the pattern adds texture to complement softer and less angular features. These glasses come in a bold shape, and are part of our expert team’s own, in-house range of glasses.

GFL 347 Glasses Frames

GFL 347

Metal Frames

Again, straight from our own, in-house range of glasses, these metal-effect frames remain lightweight and designed with those who have softer, rounded features in mind. With a narrow, slim-fit design, these are perfect glasses for everyday wear.

GFL 34 Glasses Frames

GFL 34

Frames to avoid with a round face

Small, round or particularly oversized frames are likely to make your face seem even rounder and give the illusion of smaller eyes. Try to avoid the following frames if you have a round face:

  • - Small Frames
  • - Very round / circular shapes
  • - Oversized Frames

Having a round face means you can wear a huge variety of stylish frames. If you need any help deciding, or configuring which lenses to choose, simply get in touch with our expert team and we’ll be more than happy to help.