Glasses for Square Faces

A chiselled jawline and angular features make square faces an immediately high-fashion face shape, with plenty of choice for stylish glasses to suit your square face.

With bold lines and a proportional length and width to your face, glasses that create an elongated effect, drawing attention to your eyes and brows, will suit your square face shape perfectly.

When you’ve narrowed it down to a few pairs, you can always use our try at home service before you choose your final glasses.

Features of a square face shape

Getting glasses for your square face shape means knowing what characteristics you have, and what best to highlight for the perfect new glasses. Characteristics of a square face shape include:

  • A strong, horizontal jawline
  • Balanced cheekbones
  • Broad forehead

If you think you might have a combination of one or more face shapes, have a read of our other guides for different face shapes for more ideas.

Glasses to suit square shape faces

We’ve got a range of glasses to suit square shape faces, with circular, oval shaped and cats eye styles to complement your features and go with your personal style.

Circular glasses

Softening the hard angles found on a square face, circular glasses are a great option, plus they’re a timeless, classic shape that couldn’t be more on-trend, and will never go out of style.

This pair by Hackett Bespoke are a quirky, vintage style that will provide an instant style upgrade to your favourite looks:

Hackett Bespoke HEB222

Hackett Bespoke HEB222 Frames

In a modernistic style, these smooth, acetate frames are a lightweight, everyday option. With a versatile colour palette, these frames from our own range of GFL glasses will go perfectly with your everyday outfits:

GFL 363 Frames

GFL 363 Glasses Frames

Oval-shaped glasses

This pair of glasses by Booth and Bruce will go well with square faces, as the narrower with to the frames will show off more angular features and draw attention to the eyes.

Booth & Bruce P070 Frames

Plus, the frames come in a huge range of colour choices – choose all black for a sophisticated, polished style, or introduce a quirky pop of your favourite colour into your look.

Cat-eye glasses

A highly flattering choice of glasses for a square face, cat-eye styles will draw attention to features naturally, providing lit to your cheekbones and added shape to your features.

These glasses by Ted Baker are a slimline, modern take on a traditional pair of cat-eye frames. The subtle lift to the edges of the frames gives a poised, elegant finish to your look:

Ted Baker Olia TB2250

Ted Baker Olia TB2250 Frames

Best glasses styles to suit square faces

As well as a range of stylish, on-trend frame shapes, try choosing a pair of glasses you love that have the following characteristics.

Colourful glasses

Colourful glasses will look amazing on a square face shape – choose them in one of the frame shapes listed above and introduce a quirky finishing touch to your looks.

In a circular shape with a range of colours to choose from, these glasses are perfect for those who want to look great from every angle:

William Morris London LN50001

William Morris LN50001 Frames

In a choice of four subtle hues of burgundy, pewter, gold or pink, these glasses by Ted Baker will suit those with more tonal or neutral colour palettes:

 Ted Baker Elvie TB2243

Ted Baker Elvie TB2243

Vintage glasses

In darker colours and bold styles, vintage frames that accentuate your browline will look stunning with a square face. You’ll be able to pull off more daring, out-there frames, and go for your favourite colours and tones for a chic vintage look.

These wayfarer style frames come in a circular shape, in a laidback, effortlessly high-fashion, tortoiseshell colour.

William Morris LN50055

William Morris London LN50055 Frames

Smooth materials – acetate or metal

Try to avoid wooden frames, as these will emphasise bolder lines – go for smooth materials to add balance to your features.

These glasses by Joules come in a lightweight acetate material, and feature a quirky tortoiseshell pattern for a bold yet classic style:

Joules Nicola JO3038

Joules Nicola JO3038 Frames

Glasses to avoid with a square face

Most frames will look brilliant with your square face, however there are some glasses shapes to avoid:

  • Rimless frames
  • Angular frames
  • Square frames

If you need any help deciding on which frames will suit you best, simply contact the team and we’ll be more than happy to help.

If you’ve found your perfect pair of glasses to suit your square face shape, check out our lens options, including market-leading Tokai lenses, to complete your glasses.