New: Graduated Polarised Prescription Sun Lenses

Finally the fashion conscious prescription sunglasses wearer can have the benefit of a traditional polarised lens that eliminates glare, whilst having the added benefit of a graduated lens colour.

Unlike tinted lenses the graduated polarised lens colour will always match on both lenses, regardless of prescription. At just an additional £80 on top of lens options, the graduated polarised sun lenses are the ultimate option for the fashion conscious wearer.

Available in Single Vision and on our Bespoke Varifocal and our ClearView Digitised varifocal in a 1.5 index material only.

Availability of colours for the new graduated polarised prescription lenses are Brown and Grey with two options for graduation.

Brown & Grey 85%-70% ABS - a darker graduation

Brown & Grey 85%-50% ABS - a sightly lighter graduation