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A family run business

A family run UK business since 2008 with a Practice based at Premier House, Grantham.

The latest technology

Our lense product includes latest technology and includes 1.76 Bi Aspheric lenses, 1.74 Transition lenses and new Transition XtraActive that work behind the windscreen of a car!!!

The best varifocal lens on the Internet

Our range of varifocal lens options is the best on the internet and include well known brands such as Varilux Essilor, Zeiss, Nikon.

The largest prescription range

We can dispense the largest prescription range on the internet from -50 to +30 and this includes high cylinder values and prisms.

Try at Home service
only £4.95 p&p incl.
Try on your favourite frames in the comfort of your own home!
Choose up to 4 pairs of frames to try on and we will send them to you.

Our Guarantee to You

Genuine 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
2 years warranty on ALL lenses
1 year warranty on ALL frames
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