Once you have your prescription you're ready to select your new pair of frames (or two!). At glassesframesandlenses.com this is simple:

  1. Browse the shop using our frame search to find your favourite pair.
  2. Configure your chosen frames by choosing whatever lens options you'd like.
  3. Enter your prescription or opt to send your prescription to us 
  4. Your frames are now configured and you can add them to your basket.
  5. When you've finished choosing frames, it's time to checkout and enter your delivery & payment details.

You will receive your 'order confirmation' to your email address (please also check in 'spam')

That's it! Glasses Frames and Lenses will deliver your glasses direct to your door within 14 days.

See below for a more detailed explanation of each stage.

Choosing Your Frames

We have carefully selected from our suppliers a range that we believe will provide a fantastic choice for everyone, no matter what your age, preference or price range.

Unlike other on-line prescription glasses retailers, we have specifically designed our website so that you can search for your frames in whatever manner you so choose. If you simply want a red pair of full rim acetate, then you can search our selection for red full rim acetate frames!  No need to trawl through pages and pages of frames that you are not interested in.

If you are unsure what glasses will suit you, you may either use our virtual mirror to 'try on' a chosen pair of frames, search for frames that are similar in size to the ones that you are wearing or alternatively you can look at our glasses selection guide which will advise you on what frames will suit your shape of face.

On the left hand side of our home page you will see all of the different search criteria available to you. You may search either from the main site or from the virtual mirror. Once you have completed your search criteria, all of the frames in your chosen selection will be displayed.  You may either configure your preferred frames at this stage or you may send them to the fitting room to 'try them on' in the virtual mirror.

Configuring Your Frames

Once you have selected a pair of frames you will be asked to choose your lens options.  Please remember that we can provide lenses that are bespoke to you and not simply the 'stock lenses' that most other online prescription glasses retailers provide.  This means that we can provide you with as much choice for your lenses as you would receive at any leading high street optician.  If there is a lens option that you want but cannot see on our Site, simply contact us with your request so that we may fulfil your order.  We do not have the large overheads that come with being on the high street but we do have the large range of lenses and lens options available for your glasses direct at glassesframesandlenses.com!

After your lens options are chosen you will be asked to enter your prescription details.  Please ensure that you do this carefully. If you need any assistance, please refer to our understanding your prescription guide.

Your frames are now configured and you may add them to your shopping basket.

Your Shopping Basket

When you have added a pair of frames to your shopping basket you can continue browsing for more frames or you can choose to checkout and confirm your order.

From the shopping basket you can change the order quantity of each pair of configured frames (e.g. if you would like to order an identical pair as a spare you would set the order quantity to 2).  You may also remove frames from your basket if you wish.

You can always return to your basket by clicking the "View basket" link in the basket summary at the top right corner of each page (pictured right).

Confirming Your Order and Checking Out

When you're ready to complete your order, simply click the checkout link found in the shopping basket.

You will be asked to enter your name and delivery address before finally confirming that all your order details are correct.

We then ask you to enter your payment details using our secure, encrypted on-line payment service which accepts all major credit and debit cards.  Then you may relax and enjoy receiving your glasses direct to your door by Glasses Frames and Lenses !