Lens Hub

Established in 2008, our business was started on the back of 28 years lens manufacturing experience. Fast forward 11 years, our family business remains one of the most comprehensive online opticians for your all your optical lens requirements, offering an unparalleled range of lenses, tints and coatings. Order from Glasses Frames & Lenses Online safe in the knowledge that we know lenses and are happy to share our expertise and craft the perfect pair of corrective lenses for you.

Lens Types

Transitions Lenses

Providing you the very latest up-to-date Transitions options, you can now choose from three Transitions colours, Green, Grey and Brown (Green available on 1.5 index only). Plus, choose from Transitions XTRActive (which work beautifully behind the windscreen of a car), and the brand new Transitions Vantage that offers unique variable polarisation, which adjusts to match the level of outdoor glare, fading back to a very light tint for indoors.

We are more than happy to discuss with you the best Transitions solution to meet your requirements and to help wherever you need advice.


Polarised Lenses

Polarised lenses are available across index 1.5 to 1.67 and are available in brown and grey. Green polarised lenses are also available in indexes 1.5 and 1.6. Polarised lenses offer increased visual comfort during conditions of bright sunlight and glare. They also offer enhanced clarity of vision and contrast against uneven ground surfaces and water.
Graduated polarised lenses now offer you the same cosmetic appearance of tinted sunglasses, with the added benefit of polarisation to reduce glare. Available in 1.5 index only on single vision and Bespoke and ClearView varifocal.

 Tokai Lenses

Glasses Frames & Lenses are one of a select few retailers able to offer some of the most advanced lenses on the market, including the Tokai 1.76 lens (the worlds thinnest lens). These lenses are available to fit most frames and are also tintable. to find out more click the read more button below.


Tinted Lenses

We offer full or graduated tints in a range of colours. If you require a colour that is not shown, contact us, as it is likely to be available or we can source it especially for you. We offer four different percentages in full and graduated tints starting from 80% (full sunglass tint), 60% (medium tint), 40% (light tint), down to 20% (extra light, ‘blush’ tint). Tints are often used for cosmetic appearance, although whilst the 80% sunglass tint does offer sun protection, it will not eliminate glare as effectively as a polarised lens would.

Mirrored Lenses

Available as a mirrored lens on its own or added on top of a tint or polarised lens for that extra glitz, our mirrored lenses are available in nine different colours. Choose them for use on single vision lenses, Bespoke varifocal and Clearview varifocal in indexes 1.5, 1.6 and 1.67. Choose from pink, silver, silver ghost, water-blue, blue ghost, gold, iridium or violet. See colour examples for all of these during the buying process - simply click through the prescription lenses selection process after adding your chosen frames to cart.

Specialty Lens Coatings and Categories

Supplying many high-end independent opticians throughout the UK, our sister company ensures that we can bring the very same lens speciality coatings currently only available to select opticians. Colour Multi-Anti Reflective (MAR) coatings are available in aqua, blue, orange, pink, turquoise, yellow and violet. MAR coatings are exclusively available on the Tokai 1.6 product, coming with the same anti-reflective qualities as Tokai’s PGC premium hydrophobic (water-resistant) coating whilst offering a fantastic cosmetic twist and unique look.

Zeiss Drivesafe Lenses

Zeiss Drivesafe lenses offer an optimised lens solution to help you enjoy better vision in all weather and light conditions specifically when driving. These lenses protect your eyes from reflections and glare and make it easier for you to change viewing focus. Available in single vision and varifocal, Zeiss Drivesafe lenses offer an everyday visual solution to make your driving safer and more comfortable.