Marimekko is a Finnish fashion house known for its fresh prints and colours, and now it is bringing its philosophy of finding joy in the simplicity of life to an attractive range of eyewear designs.

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Founded in 1951, the Marimekko brand creates classic, bold prints infused with colour, creating designs which are both timeless and distinctive while ensuring a minimal impact on the environment. This philosophy has now been translated into their eyewear collection.

Marimekko Glasses

Eyewear designs by Marimekko are available in a range of muted and sophisticated colours, yet come in bold, stylish and imaginative designs. Their daring, positive DNA ensures anyone wearing Marimekko eyeglasses or sunglasses remains fashionable and on-trend, yet fully practical. 

Marimekko prescription lenses for your glasses or sunglasses will be made in our own lab, by our own team of experts. Browse the new eyewear collection for your perfect corrective frames!