New and exclusive specialist lenses: Sun Wrap Lenses are here to solve the optical problem associated with large fashionable prescription and performance wrap eyewear. You won't find these online anywhere else!

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Sun Wrap Lenses

Have you ever wanted to buy a particular pair of sunglasses or sports frame and been told by your optician that you could not have your prescription in that particular frame? Well, now you can.  Our unique Sun Wrap polarised sun lenses have been specifically designed using asphericity to adjust the Optical Centre to the correct position for Sports sunglasses, wrap or oversized sunglasses.  Sun Wrap is polarised as standard and has the advantage of being supplied in Polycarbonate.  Sun Wrap provides 85% light absorption and full UVA and UVB protection.  Light absorption is the amount of sunlight blocked by the Polarising tint on the lens.


Sun Wrap Single Vision 1.59 Polycarbonate -  Amazing price of £190

Sun Wrap Premium Varifocal 1.59 Polycarbonate - Amazing price of £235

Other specialist lenses:

Y.C.E. Glass Shooting Lens 1.5 index - Yellow contrast enhancement £119

A fixed tint that features high absorption of blue light.  This provides for clear object definition under cloudy, hazy or foggy conditions whilst maintaining high visible light transmittance.  It absorbs 100% of UVA and UVB in addition to the violet and blue regions of the spectrum.  When added with our anti-reflection coating, this is the ideal prescription lens for shooting.

A.C.E. Glass Golf Lens 1.5 index - Amethyst contrast enhancement £105

This lens uses rare earth compounds in its composition to achieve unique colour enhancing characteristics.  This concept works by selectively positioning transmission in the blue, green and red spectral regions.  This helps to improve colour discrimination between different colour objects.  When added with our anti-reflection coating, this is the perfect prescription golf lens.

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