Did you know that our Super Duper hydrophobic coating is the latest, most advanced 4 in 1 coating available on the market...

The Super Duper hydrophobic coating from GlassesFramesAndLenses.com

So why is our hydrophobic anti-reflective coating different?

Simply, it is applied to the front and rear surface of the lens to eliminate residual reflections on the lens surface that can prevent clarity of vision. Our hydrophobic coating combines all the free benefits of our normal anti-reflective coating, such as enhanced visual acuity and cosmetic appearance.

However, the hydrophobic coating also provides enhanced scratch resistance, UV400 protective and additionally, prevents water, dirt, dust and greasy smudges from sticking to your lens surface, keeping them cleaner. The hydrophobic coating makes anti reflective lenses easy to clean; no more annoying smudge marks that you just can't get off!

Get all this on your glasses direct from us for just £15!