Reglaze Glasses

  • Reglaze your full/semi-rimmed frames

    Reglaze your full/semi-rimmed frames

    Love your current glasses and just need new lenses? Our reglazing service is just what you need. Simply send your glasses, we'll reglaze them to your prescription and send them back!

    Rimmed Frames from £30

  • Reglaze your rimless frames

    Reglaze your rimless frames

    Looking for more information about the lenses and coating that are available for your glasses? Not sure if you need varifocal or bifocal? Take a look at our lens hub and find everything you need.

    Rimless Frames from £40

  • Reglaze your Lindberg rimless frames

    Reglaze your Lindberg rimless frames

    Need some advice on getting used to varifocals or on how to upload your prescription when ordering? Our resource centre is full of useful information to give you a helping hand.

    Lindberg Rimless Frames from £89

Are you happy with your existing glasses frames but now have a new prescription or have broken or damaged lenses? Our expert team can reglaze glasses easily at our in-house facility here at Glasses Frames and Lenses.

Glasses reglazing is a cost-effective way of upgrading your frames with new, better quality lenses at a fraction of the cost of buying new frames and lenses on the high street.

At Glasses Frames & Lenses, we’ve been reglazing glasses for over 12 years at our on-site lab in Grantham, Lincolnshire. Our lab can reglaze glasses with even the most complex prescription range, where many high street retailers may struggle.

Whether you need a simple single vision lens or complex varifocal lens, transitions or graduated lenses, we can reglaze your glasses. Prices for reglazing start from just £30, giving you a huge cost saving against buying new frames.

What is Glasses Reglazing?

Glasses reglazing is simply the process of replacing the lenses in your current frames. Your prescription may have changed recently, or you might have damaged your current lenses or simply want to upgrade to some better-quality lenses.

Virtually any glasses can be reglazed, but some frames are trickier than others, for example, we are one of a select few companies that can offer to reglaze Lindberg frames.

Reglazing your glasses frames couldn’t be simpler with GFL. Simply pick your options and upload your prescription, post your glasses to us, we will reglaze them with high-quality lenses and post them back.


How do I reglaze my glasses?

1. Select your new lens options and complete your online order
2. Print out a copy of your reglazing order
3. Send a copy of the reglazing order, along with your existing glasses, to: Glasses Frames and Lenses Online Ltd, Suite 3, Premier House, Harlaxton Road, Grantham, NG31 7JX 

It's easy to reglaze glasses and bring a new lease of life to your existing frames, usually working out as a more affordable option. Our order process is straightforward and hassle-free, and we'll deliver your newly reglazed glasses directly to your door.

We can reglaze glasses with any lens types, including:

ZEISS DriveSafe lenses – reduces glare and improves vision in low-light conditions

Tokai Resonas Neuroscience Technology Varifocal – our most advanced lens, developed to work with your brain to create outstanding visual clarity across all fields

ClearView - high definition lenses for those demanding premium quality at affordable prices

Awkward or high prescription? No worries, our team of experts has plenty of experience in reglazing glasses with even complex prescription lenses. We have a huge range of lenses available to reglaze glasses, so we can truly cater to any prescription type.

We'll be happy to talk you through the best lens options to reglaze your glasses. Simply call us on 01400 282028 and we'll be more than happy to help, or visit our contact page for alternative ways to chat to our team.

Please note that we reglaze glasses at customers’ own risk, as we cannot accept responsibility for the quality of frames, stress on frames caused by constant reglazing, or frames previously assembled by another lab.

All of our lenses come with a 2-year manufacturing warranty, and our varifocal lenses come with a non-tolerance guarantee, and full warranties and guarantees apply. We're a family run business with a passion for creating the perfect glasses for our customers, and our glasses reglazing service offers our customers the same level of expertise as our full-service options. Our own on-site lab is managed by Steve Mason, who owned the Vision Express lab for 13 years.

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