Inspired by the iconic make-up range, Revlon adds a sheen of shimmer and glamour to its feminine eyewear collection. These glasses are designed to accentuate the wearers’ eyes through beautiful shapes, colours and details.

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Revlon Glasses

Revlon glasses are inspired by the hugely popular and iconic cosmetic line with bold colours, on-trend textures and sparkly details for those who wear their femininity on their sleeves. Revlon creates the perfect eyeglasses for those who enjoy a chic style with plenty of shimmer and sparkle, but who want to remain practical and comfortable.

Inspired by classic beauty palettes and feminine sophistication, Revlon’s glasses are designed to be glamorous and confident, with details such as floral flourishes and Revlon’s iconic cross-hatch pattern.

If you are looking for a pair of glasses with a touch of glam, whilst still remaining durable and an excellent everyday option, Revlon’s range is perfect for the femme, fashion-conscious wearer.