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The team at SPINE glasses took the rules of eyewear design and completely transformed them to create a range of astonishingly durable glasses, perfect for active lifestyles.

The design of SPINE is inspired by the interaction between human vertebrae, creating a completely unique hinge which can hold a tensile strength of over 300kg. These frames come in a range of full-frame and semi-rimless designs to suit every taste.

Traditional manufacturing processes have been set aside for the SPINE, creating something completely unique in the world of optical frame design. SPINE’s unique design is globally patented, meaning there can be no imitation.

Wear and tear from friction is non-existent – SPINE frames are built to last and not to break. Risk of breakage is greatly reduced with shock absorption technology.

They flex to fit any face shape – fragility is reduced and comfort is increased. The frames lightly grip the face, meaning your frames will never slip down your face – perfect for an active lifestyle

There are no screws in SPINE glasses, meaning a SPINE frame will never weaken. These are the ultimate durable glasses, available in a range of colours and styles, so you don’t have to compromise on your sense of fashion.

Exceptional Service from Glasses, Frames and Lenses

Get your new pair of SPINE glasses at Glasses, Frames & Lenses today and take advantage of our 1 year guarantee on all frames and our 2 year guarantee on our lenses. We also have an unbeatable range of lenses, tints and coatings to suit every type and requirement, suiting your vision and lifestyle.

Want to make sure SPINE frames are for you? Use our try before you buy service and experience SPINE frames in the comfort of your own home before making any purchases.

Want to replace the lenses in your pair of SPINE frames? Our reglazing service will quickly and professionally update your lenses from our wide range.

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