Stylish, comfortable and very affordable. Stepper is now regarded as one of the highest quality optical frame brands on the market

 “Comfort comes from understanding the anatomy of the face and creating a frame that works in harmony with the contours.
                        A face is three dimensional; this is why we design and manufacture STEPPER frames in three dimensions. Anything else would be a compromise.”

Hans Stepper, Managing Director, STEPPER Eyewear International


 The original Stepper - Si. World-class eyewear collection with a focus on comfort and fit using state-of-the art materials,  lightness and timeless design. Stepper models combine materials of Titanium and TX5, making the frames corrosion free,  ultra-light and hypoallergenic. To allow for a better fit to different faces, many models are designed and manufactured in a  choice of sizes. With a proven record in customer satisfaction, Stepper SI is a collection designed and manufactured by   ophthalmic professionals for ophthalmic professionals.

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