Mens Sunglasses

Sunglasses to suit your lifestyle and protect your eyes

Our mens prescription glasses are perfect for sunny days, with a range of high-quality lenses to protect your eyes from harmful rays. Choose from our huge range of glasses online, and our expert team will fit corrective lenses to them, to perfectly suit your prescription.

Our team of experts have been working in optical manufacturing for years and know-how to ensure your prescription sunglasses are of the highest possible quality.

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Prescription Sunglasses for Men

Based in the UK, we'll deliver your new sunglasses directly to your door, after expertly crafting your prescription lenses and installing them into your chosen frames. Our team of optical manufacturing professionals ensure you're receiving the best service possible from beginning to end.

We have a range of coating options available, to perfectly suit your lifestyle – including different tints, gradients and polarisation - all designed to protect your eyes from the sun. 

With our team on hand to advise and plenty of help available to read through in our Resource Centre, you can tailor your prescription sunglasses to your personal lifestyle and the needs of your eyes.