Custom-made sunglasses to suit even the most complex prescriptions

Our expertise in crafting the best quality eyewear on the market extends to our range of prescription sunglasses, too. Choose from a range of lens coatings and ensure your eyes are fully protected from the sun.

There’s no need to worry about contact lenses, or swapping back and forth between your regular glasses and sunglasses anymore. Simply choose your perfect frames from our selection and our expert team will create a pair of prescription glasses that's right for you.

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Prescription Sunglasses for Men and Women

Benefit from leading technology and design from the world’s best sunglasses brands, but with your prescription added. Our experienced team of professional manufacturers will create your prescription sunglasses from our own laboratory based in the UK.

Your prescription sunglasses will be delivered directly to your door with no hassle for you, made to your specifications online. Gone are the days where you need to worry about swapping between your regular glasses or contact lenses, plus you’ll benefit from some of the best UV protection on the market.

The wide range of styles available in our womens prescription sunglasses collection ensures you’ll find a frame to suit both your look and your personality. With frames in minimalistic styles to more out-there designs, you’ll be able to find the best prescription sunglasses, tailor-made for you.