Transitions® Adaptive Lenses


Transitions® Signature VII lenses:

Using real conditions, real locations and real situations, these lenses have a new proprietary methodology for designing, developing and analyzing photochromic performance called Life360™. By testing in more than 200 different real life conditions representing more than a thousand scenarios, Transitions Signature VII lenses have been developed to be more responsive to UV in more situations.

  • Clear indoors
  • Significantly darker in outdoor conditions while maintaining indoor clarity
  • More temperature stable
  • More reactive to indirect sunlight
  • Faster to return to clear
  • More aesthetically pleasing in gray and brown

Price + £55.00


** Photochromic performance is influenced by temperature, UV exposure and lens material.
*** activation behind the windshield of a car is dependent upon windshield shape/inclination and the position of the driver