Varifocal Lenses

Varifocal lenses, also known as varifocals and progressive lenses, are usually recommended by your optician when a person requires corrective power across all areas of vision - long-distance, close up, and everything else in between.

In blending the prescription powers to achieve these visual requirements, there is a small area of peripheral distortion, meaning the focus becomes blurred towards the outer edges of the lens. This is a small compromise with good quality varifocals that afford the wearer a one-stop visual solution for more complex visual requirements and can be worn all the time, but not all varifocals are the same!

Offering the prestigious Tokai Neuroscience lenses, in addition to our Clearview Advanced and Bespoke varifocals, we offer a full non-tolerance guarantee across our range of varifocal lenses. That’s how confident we are in the quality of our varifocal lenses and allows you to purchase with confidence. We have successfully supplied varifocals online for 11 years and our loyal customer base has continued to grow as a result of our customer care and extensive experience.

Add-ons and coatings available:

  • Transitions, Transitions Vantage, Transitions XtrActive
  • Polarised full, Polarised Graduated
  • Drivesafe
  • Nightdrive
  • UV420++
  • Tints
  • Mirrored coating
  • Colour Multi Anti-reflective Coating

*some options may not be available across all indexes

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